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Howl ~2/?~

Title: Howl ~2/?~
Author: saar_fantasy
Pairing: Jack/Ianto (kind of...)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death + reincarnation
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters used in this fic. The words and plot of the story are mine. Completely fabricated for fun.
Summary: Ianto has died, but he comes back in another life form. The form of a wolf. How will Jack react when he finds out? A story about a man and his wolf.
A/N: Since I'm not religious, I'm using a lot of creative writing freedom. I do, kind of, believe in reincarnation. Don't flame me for it.
A/N 2: Jack makes an appearance!

"So, how did you become a wolf?" Gwen asked after releasing Ianto from her hug.

Ianto darted back a few steps and went up on his hind legs, making a show of falling backwards with his paws up in the air. Gwen couldn't help but chuckle and even Andy had to smile.

"Ok, so, you died as a human...and then?"

Ianto rolled over to his side and stayed like that for a while, then he stretched his back and his paws and stood up shakily, remembering how he felt the first time he awoke.

"You woke up- no, you were reborn as a wolf!"

Ianto gave a jerk of his head, tongue lolling out of his mouth and tail wagging slightly from side to side.

"That's so amazing!" Gwen exclaimed excitedly, "Oh, Ianto. You have no idea how glad I am to see you're still around, even if you're not human anymore."

Ianto strutted back to her, gave her hand a soft, tentative lick before looking back down at the picture, whining softly. When Gwen looked down, she saw Ianto's paw hovering above the face of their beloved Captain.

"You miss Jack, don't you?" Gwen asked quietly at Ianto's whine, Gwen scratched behind his ear with her hand. "He misses you too. He's out now to a meeting with UNIT, but we can go see him tomorrow." She stood back up and looked over at the remnants of the Hub, then down at Ianto again. "I suppose you've stayed here all this time...well, not tonight. Tonight you're coming home with me." Ianto's paw hovered now above Rhys and Gwen smiled. "Don't worry about him. He'll understand after I explain it to him."

She turned around to Andy, talked to him quickly, then said goodbye. Andy gave Ianto a nod and a brief salute before leaving the two alone. Gwen turned around and started walking, stopping when she noticed that Ianto wasn't following.

"Come on, love. Time to go home."


Ianto looked over at the ruins of the Hub, then back at Gwen, seeing her stick away the picture and the tie, he made up his mind and followed her.


"Ah' you're-" Rhys stopped walking towards Gwen abruptly, eyes wide, looking terrified. "There's a bloody wolf behind you, Gwen!"

"It's alright, Rhys." Gwen said calmly, "This is no ordinary wolf. It's Ianto."

Rhys blinked, "Is this some kind of joke?"

"No, Rhys." Gwen quickly hid the urge to roll her eyes. "Look into his eyes. This wolf really is Ianto Jones. He died and was reborn as a wolf."

Rhys frowned but did as his wife told him to do and looked down into the wolf's eyes. There was a flash of something...something remarkably familiar and he found himself talking to the animal.

"It really is you."

Gwen smiled as she saw Ianto sitting down, lifting up his right paw. She nudged Rhys to get him out of his daze and he stepped forward to shake the paw with his hand.

"Still as polite as ever."

Gwen still smiled as she made her way over to the kitchen. "Do we have something to eat for him?"

"I guess he might fancy a steak, don't you boy?" he added, looking towards Ianto, smiling when he saw the wolf's tongue come out of his mouth to lick his lips. "Steak it is, Gwen!"

"Do you think he'll eat it raw?"

"I guess so. Try it and you'll see."

Gwen crinkled her nose a little at the raw meat when she placed it on a plate and put it down on the ground, then she called Ianto over. Luckily it was already unfrozen, because she had thought to make the steak for her and Rhys.

Ianto sniffed at the food before devouring it like a hungry wild animal. Well, that's what he is now. An animal. Goodbye to his old table manners.

Gwen looked a little shocked at first, but then smiled, while Rhys just looked amused from where he was leaning against the doorway.

"Seems like he's enjoying it."

"Yes, he is." Gwen answered, looking into the fridge again to see what they could have for their own dinner. "I guess he's already used to raw meat from his hunts. What do you want to eat? You want the left over steak I pressume."

Rhys smiled and made his way ovver to her, turning her around so he could face her. "Are you alright?"

She nodded, "Yeah. Why shouldn't I be?"

"I can imagine the shock of surprise this must have caused you."

She closed her eyes and leaned into Rhys' hand when he cupped her cheek. When she opened her eyes again, they looked suspiciously wet in the corners.

"If this was a shock to me, then imagine what it will be like for Jack."

Hearing his former Captain's, and lover, name; Ianto's head snapped up and he looked at Gwen with sad, mournful eyes.

"I'm sorry, Ianto." Gwen said and went over to pet him on the head. "He's gonna be happy, though. I know he will."

Ducking his head, Ianto went out of the kitchen with his tail between his legs. Gwen wanted to go after him but Rhys stopped her.

"He'll be fine." He said soothingly."They'll both be fine. Jack is used to some weird things, isn't he?" Gwen nodded, because that was the truth and she couldn't deny it. Rhys smiled encouragingly. "Now how about you make us some dinner?"

With one last look towards the door Ianto just walked out of, Gwen sighed, turned towards the counter and started making dinner.

Everything would be fine the next day. If she willed herself to believe that hard enough, then maybe it would come true.


Gwen and Rhys had left Ianto alone for the rest of the evening and Gwen found him on the couch the next morning, still sleeping. She cringed a little inwardly as she thought about all the hairs she would have to remove, but quickly scolded herself for even daring to think that. That shouldn't be a problem. Ianto was her friend, of course he could sleep on the couch.

As if feeling that she was looking at him, and maybe he did, he raised his head to look at her and she smiled.

"Breakfast? I assume you don't drink coffee anymore, but I do have water and some sausages."

Ianto jumped off the couch, tongue lolling out of his mouth as he followed Gwen to the kitchen. He had to admit that he was pretty hungry, thirsty as well.

Gwen put a bowl of wate on the floor, then picked a pan and went over to the stove to bake some sausages and eggs for her and Rhys, some extra sausages for Ianto.

It had been awhile since she could actually cook them breakfast, but Jack had texted her late last night, or already morning to be exact, that he would handle it if their was any rift activity in the morning and that he would call her or Andy if it was too big for him to handle on his own.

When the sausages were done, Rhys had joined them and took the ones Gwen had put on a plate to Ianto and put it on the ground.

"Careful. They're still hot."

Ianto took a taste, then quickly spit it out and started drinking water like a mad man, well, mad wolf. Rhys laughed.

"I told you it was hot."

Ianto glared at him and actually growled a little. Rhys took a few steps back, holding up his hands and left him to it. He sat down at the table with his wife, who raised her eyebrow at him.

"Grumpy little thing in the morning, isn't he?"

"You shouldn't tease him like that."

"I didn't tease him. I just told him they were still hot. Hey!"

Gwen laughed as Ianto stole a sausage from Rhys' plate and ran with it to the living room. Leaving a scowling Rhys and a highly amused Gwen in his wake.


After breakfast, Gwen thought it was time to show Ianto their new working place. Their new Hub.

Gwen could tell Ianto was nervous at the way he was walking. Although she hadn't really much experience at studying how wolves walked, but she could simply tell with Ianto.

She led him through the entrance and to the main room, his eyes scanning the place eagerly. It looked a lot like the former Hub. He spotted the coffee machine and immediately went over there, a smiling Gwen trailing behind him.

"Lois or Andy make the coffee now." She told him, then looked down at him with a sad smile. "Their coffee isn't nearly as good as yours, but it'll have to do."

Ianto let out a breath and looked up at Gwen, jerking his head once. He hoped it would get his grattitude across. She scratched lightly behind his ears, showing that she understood.

Then they walked further, Gwen showing Ianto everyone's desks before going to the stairs that would lead them to Jack's office. There, she hesitated.

"Jack is probably checking the cells, because we don't know yet if they're secured enough. Just...Promise me you won't freak out, ok?"

Ianto just looked at her in confusion. Gwen sighed, squared her shoulders and walked up the stairs, motioning with her head for him to follow him.

Once they were up there, Ianto stopped still inside the doorway, taking everything in. He immediately noticed the pile of papers on one of the desks, so that was Jack's, but there was another one...

Gwen stepped up to the empty desk, stroking her hand over the wood.

"This is yours. Or was meant to be yours at least." She swallowed, trying to hold back the tears as she felt Ianto stare at her. "Jack...Jack said he wanted you here. Wanted you with him. That's why..." She went to the wall to open a curtain that Ianto hadn't spotted before. "That's why he made you this."

As the curtain opened, Ianto felt his heartbeat speed up dangerously. There on the wall was a drawing of his face, hanging like some sort of shrine behind the empty desk. His desk.

"He...he just wanted to remember." Gwen's voice broke and she dabbed at her eyes. "God, Ianto. You have no idea how broken he was. He wanted to leave. Wanted to travel through the universe again. But making this stopped him from doing so. This way he would still have you with him. Right where you were always supposed to be."

Ianto held back the urge to whine, walked up to his friend and rubbed his head against her leg a few times before jumping up on the chair that was supposed to be his. This got a smile out of Gwen, albeit watery.

"You really do belong here."

A loud shrilly noise cut off whatever she was going to say next, if there was something she could still say, and she ran back out of Jack's office and bolted down the stairs, leaving Ianto there alone. He didn't really care. This way he could take in Jack's office more thoroughly and stare at the picture behind him some more.

Turning his back to the door and getting lost in memories turned out to not be one of his brightest ideas. It caused him to stay less alert and not notice the new presence at the door.

His ears twitched, just a little bit too late, and he whirled around to stare into those painful familiar blue eyes and the black barrel of a gun.

"I have no idea how you came here, boy." The owner of the gun spoke, his casual smirk always in place. "But that is not your place to sit."

Ianto cursed inside himself. Of all the ways he had thought of being reunited with Jack; this certainly wasn't one of them.
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