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Don't Stop Believing

Try And Live Inside My Mind For A Day...You'll Go Crazy

26 July 1985
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I am totally addicted to Kris Allen and Adam Lambert <3 Kradam 'til I die <3
but I also love Allison Iraheta, Matt Giraud and from AI season 9: Lee DeWyze
How could I forget... Chris Daughtry of AI season 5 <333333333 I completely adore that guy, he's soooooo AMAZING... *sighs*

Oh, you might think I'm weird but I have a little crush on Simon Cowell :D LOL

Last but not least... I have an ENORMOUS crush on Mark Salling <333 Seriously, that guy is everything to me...

<3 Gareth David-Lloyd <3

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I ship: Kradam, Puckurt, Puckleberry, Puck/Sam, Puck/everyone (except certain teachers) Michael/Brian (QAF), Jack/Ianto, Derek/Scott, Scott/Stiles, Scott/Isaac, Scott/Allison, Scott/Derek/Stiles, Stiles/Lydia, Jackson/Lydia, Jackson/Allison, Angel/Spike, Merlin/Arthur, Sam/Dean, Jensen/Jared, Jared/Misha, Sam/Castiel, Dean/Sam/Castiel, J2/Misha